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26 July /Friday
Pre-fight /Event Information

Hotel Belair ****

Alte Winterthurerstrasse 16
CH-8304 Wallisellen

Weight in (at Hotel meeting room)

Registration at 19:00 pm.
Weigh-ins will begin at 19:30 pm

  1. Pre-fight TV interviews will be done after your weight in. This will take place at the hotel
  2. All fighters are to bring two different coloured fight shorts (one dark colour, one light colour).
  3. Sponsor inspection of shorts & banners will take place (any questions to with commission).
  4. If not already provided, fighters must hand in their entrance music on CD with their name, track and 
  5. Should the fighter fail to make the contracted weight. Deductions from fighter’s purse (as per contract) will be
    given to their contracted opponent. Should the opponent refuse the fight because of fighter failing to make
    weight, it will be classed, as a ‘no contest’ and no purse will be paid.
  6. A 10% fine will be taken from the fighter’s purse should he/she arrive late for the weigh-ins.
  7. Event is covering cost of your breakfast only, any additional cost done on your stay will be paid by your self
    at the checkout ,as permeation on your contract!

27 June /Saturday
Event Date

HIT FC /Venue (10 min. walking distance from your Hotel)

Alte Winterthurerstrasse 62
8304 Wallisellen

  1. Fighters staying in the hotel please leave hotel at 17:30 pm and go to event location 10 min walking distance!
    If you need transportation let us know at weight in !
  2. Pre event production & rules meeting with Commission at 18:00 pm. ALL FIGHTERS MUST ATTEND.
  3. Allocation of fight gloves and corner passes at 18:30 pm.
  4. Doors open to the public at 20:30pm.
  5. First fight at 21:30 pm (subject to change).
  6. Event finish around Midnight. (subject to change).
  7. All purses will be paid after your bout.
  8. Post-fight medical forms signed off by the doctor on the night MUST be handed 
in to the HIT FC admin office before you get paid. You WILL NOT be paid without your Post Doctor forms returned.

HIT FC Fighting Championship wishes you the best of luck in your upcoming bout.