De Ridder, Abdouragimov and Polifonte secure the belts.

With another action-packed event in the books, Hit-FC delivered once again. In the 4th edition of the MMA-Series, three new champions were crowned. Just one of the 11 fights went to distance – no doubt, the fans got their money’s worth!


Middleweight Title Fight
Reinier de Ridder vs. Shota Gvasalia
In the main event, Reinier de Ridder and Shota Gvasalia fought for the Middleweight title of the organization. Gvasalia came out looking to bang, but De Ridder closed the distance and used a slick Judo hip throw to get the Georgian fighter to the mat. Gvasalia got back up to his feet, but was sweeped just seconds later through the same technique by De Ridder.

This time the ground fighter from the Netherlands used his grappling skills to hold Gvasalia down and improved his position to full mount. Gvasalia scrambled out at first, but did not protect his back. De Ridder secured the backmount, and eventually got the Rear-naked choke for the win.

Welterweight Title Fight
Abdoul Abdouragimov vs. Aleko Saghliani
Abdouragimov was the aggressive fighter from the start, tried to rush to his win and take Aleko Saghliani down. That plan backfired, when Saghliani closed his hands around the midsection of Abdouragimov and slammed him to the ground. Crazy transitions followed, Saghliani escaped a leglock.

Back on their feet, it was Abdouragimov, who took his opponent down this time. He secured the back and followed with a Rear-naked Choke that forced Saghliani to tap out.

Featherweight Title Fight
Steve Polifonte vs. Vinko Roditi
Steve Polifonte entered Vinko Roditi’s home territory and silenced an otherwise enthusiastic crowd at the end of the fourth round. The French fighter patiently waited for Roditi to circle and attack, just to go for counters. Long hands and good kicks hit the target, but Roditi stayed active and held his own in the cage.

Even though Polifonte had more than double the experience of the Swiss fighter, Roditi remained always dangerous and seemed inspired by his home crowd. It was not easy for Polifonte to secure the win, as in every round, he was taken down by Roditi. In the later rounds Polifonte was the more dominant fighter standing up, but often times had to fight off multiple takedown attempts of the BJJ fighter from Switzerland and escape his way from the mat, back up to his feet. In the third round, Polifonte had Roditi hurt, tried to finish the fight and followed the wobbled home fighter to the ground – a mistake, as there he was attacked by an armbar that was transitioned to a triangle choke.

Nevertheless Polifonte fought his way out and showcased his experience to stay calm in dangerous positions. In the fourth round, Roditi was dropped by right hand that landed flush on his chin and sent him crashing to the floor. Polifonte was poised to follow with additional strikes and finished the fight with hard elbows on the ground.


Donovan Panayiotis vs. Sebastien Huot-Marchand
After a back and forth fought first round, Donovan Panayiotis threw a kick, but Sebastien Huot-Marchand caught it and rolled him over. After scrambling on the ground, Panayiotis secured the back with his opponent in the turtle position and unloaded a barrage of punches that sent Huot-Marchand to sleep with his mouthguard flying out and left him flat on the canvas.


Francisco Mattos, Willem Struik and Alime Arijan secured important wins via T.K.o., Freddy Alexander and Wagdi El-Sheik had success with their submission-skills. Hubert Szymajda defeated Garik Shahbabyan by Unanimous Decision.

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Hit FC 4
October 21st, 2017
Schinzenhof Horgen, Switzerland

Middleweight Title Fight
Reinier de Ridder def. Shota Gvasalia via Rear-Naked Choke after 3:55 in Rd. 1

Welterweight Title Fight
Abdoul Abdouragimov def. Aleko Saghliani via Rear-Naked Choke after 1:39 in Rd. 1

Mevin van Suijdam def. Albert Ivelic via Rear-Naked Choke after 3:02 in Rd. 1

Featherweight Title Fight
Steve Polifonte def. Vinko Roditi via T.K.o. after 4:40 in Rd. 4

Francisco Mattos def. Mo Monti via T.K.o. after 01:26 in Rd. 3
Donovan Panayiotis def. Sebastien Huot-Marchand via K.o. after 0:56 in Rd. 2
Freddy Alexander def. Issey Francis via Guillotine Choke after 1:08 in Rd. 1
Willem Struik def. Luke Morton via T.K.o. after 1:39 in Rd. 1
Alime Arijan def. Bart Cilissen via T.K.o. after 2:45 in Rd. 1
Hubert Szymajda def. Garik Shahbabyan by Unanimous Decision
Wagdi El-Sheik def. Kevin Guex via Rear-Naked Choke after 4:35 in Rd. 2